ACS are supported by a strong  engineering base with the TROX Australia office in Sydney. We can provide local and on-site support where required. So rest-assured the infrastructure is already in place for after sales support for their full range of German designed active and passive chilled beams.


There are only a few chilled beam manufacturers that can manufacturer complex (MSCB) Multi-Service Chilled Beam solutions, designed on a bespoke basis to achieve the style and functionality required for specific projects. TROX have supplied many of these type of projects around the world and welcome any projects questions considering this engineering solution.

Short delivery times and competitive project pricing make TROX chilled beams both a practical and economical solution for a range of commercial applications (e.g. commercial office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities). Units can be suspended or installed flush with the ceiling, and are suitable for retrofit projects. Our consultants work side by side with mechanical engineers to develop the most effective solution based on many years of chilled beam experience.

The TROX model DID 632 is our most popular active chilled beam incorporating a high efficiency horizontal cooling coil able to deliver high cooling capacities at low velocities.

Model DID 632

DID 632

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