Through our network of offices and distributors in Australia, ACS is proud to be appointed the exclusive distributor for the Polar Air range. ACS's staff have been involved in the supply of chilled water fan coil units for more than 30 years and are well established in the local market. Our warehouse provides excellent local support and easy access to spare parts. 


EC Motor technology

The EC motor allows the commissioning Technician's to easily adjust the airflow to the projects system requirements while being very energy efficient.

PFWBC RAL9010 with IR


25 years of experience designing Fan Coil Unit's has the Polar Air's range ahead of its competitors. Polar Air were one of the first to embrace the EC (Electronically Commuted Motor) Technology and have been exporting them to the European market since 2009. In the Australian market we are seeing more projects being specified with EC motors as the consulting engineers introduce the energy saving technology to forward thinking clients. 

The Polar Air range has the added advantage of providing either the traditional AC motor Fan Coil Units or the energy saving EC motor technology. The EC Motors can save 30%+ running costs of the units.

The low profile and low static fan coil units are extremely reliable, quiet, long lasting and economical to run, making them the first choice for 5-star hotels and state-of-the-art educational facilities.

The range of accessories available factory fitted, make them an advantage to installing contractors. 


District cooling Units

Polar Air export  world wide including Europe, North & South America and the Middle East. With our market preference for reducing energy costs, engineers are designing projects with higher than normal water temperatures splits to save energy in the chiller plant. Fortunately for our market Polar Air's Middle East range of FCU's with specially circuit coils for the higher water temperature splits go hand in hand. As an example it is possible to use chilled water temperatures of 8 degree C in and 17 degree C water out, providing a 9 degree C delta T.  Engineers are combining the advantages of the both District Cooling units and the EC motor technology providing their clients with one of the most energy efficient solutions for their project.

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