Chilled Beams

Since the introduction of the first ceiling mounted chilled beams, TROX has been a world leading supplier of these multifaceted products. Active, passive and multi-service chilled beams available.

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Hotel Fan Coil Units

Sinko's range of chilled water Fan Coil Units provides manufacturing flexibility, reliability, longevity, quietness and low running costs.

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Fabric Duct

Silent, draught-free air distribution system without condensation risk. Extensive suspension options for customisation. Quick and easy to install and maintain.

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Operating Theatre Units & CRAC units

Specialized dedicated hospital operating theatre air handling units. A plug & play concept that requires only the power, ductwork and water to be provided to the unit. The units are certified to TUV standard 1886 class B.

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Condensate Pumps

A quality range of condensate pumps built in the UK. Whether you require a condensate pump for a small split unit or a pump that wil handle up to 100 degree C water Aspen have an extensive range to meet your requirements.  Alarm outputs are standard with the Aspen range of pumps


Package Terminal Air Conditioning Units (PTAC's) 

The Italian designed Innova  PTAC unit requires no outdoor unit and suitable for small apartments and a like. From the external facade all you will see is two small 162mm round grilles. 

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